Our Wedding Music Planner

We know you are busy. Our wedding music planner takes the stress out of planning your music for your wedding day. Each of our clients have different tastes in music. Our planner allows you to express your choices.

Lee Edwards Entertainment 2022 Wedding Music Planner

You may know every song you want for your reception. You may prefer to list just a few songs and let us handle the rest. Our planner allows you to have as much input into your music as you like. Our clients have enjoyed using it.  Please know that our wedding music planner does not include every song in our library (we have over 40,000 music selections). Our planner allows room for extra song requests and the popular all important  do not play list.

If you are not sure of the songs you want for your reception, let’s talk.

We ask questions, listen carefully, and then give suggestions. We have been helping couples plan their music for years.

You do not have to use our planner.

You can provide your information in any format that you find convenient.

We want your music planning to be
stress free

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