Special Services

Are you looking for something a little different?

Or do you have a special need for a function or event that you are hosting?

Here are just a few of the Special Services we can provide!

Uplighting: In the right room or venue, uplighting makes a beautiful setting absolutely breath taking! Compare our rates to other companies.(Special Note: The Banner Photo was taken on a smart phone. Imagine how wonderful uplighting looks in person!).

Karaoke: Perfect for a Corporate Event, Wedding Rehearsal Celebration, Holiday Party, or an Event you are planning at your home! Whether you are a serious singer or just like to ‘ham’ it up in front of your friends, it is entertaining for everyone!


Simple PA Support: Are you in charge of an event in which you need sound amplification for up to several hundred people, but you only need one or two microphones?  We are your solution and we have been doing this for years! Compare our rates. You will be astounded by the savings!

Do you have a particular need for an event and you don’t know who to turn to? Give us a call. Even if we cannot help you, we will be glad to recommend the services of another company that we trust. We have done thousands of events and worked with many other professionals in the hospitality industry. We will be happy to steer you in the right direction.